Top 3 Tips to Use and Transfer Bitcoin Anonymously

transfer bitcoin anonymously

Bitcoin serves many purposes as a currency and one of these include making fast payments. Yet, inasmuch as the blockchain technology of Bitcoin makes the coin safe, the transaction procedures aren’t always anonymous. Thus, this post will share three tips on how you can use and transfer Bitcoin anonymously.

It’s true that you can protect your online buying and paying which involve Bitcoin. Using Bitcoin in itself isn’t exactly private, as your transactions are generally stored in a public ledger. However, there are ways to mask your transaction history to protect being tracked by crypto-funds criminals.

Let’s get down to talking about the wallet, mixing your coin (a tumbling service which Bitcoin Tumbler offers), and using coin exchanges.


Secure Methods to Use and Transfer Bitcoin Anonymously


The three primary ways to remain anonymous while using Bitcoin include:

  1. Buying Bitcoins from a Coin Exchange

  2. Using a Bitcoin Wallet

  3. Mixing Your Coin with Tumbling Services


Buying Bitcoins from a Coin Exchange


Coin exchanges are one of the most popular and easiest methods of using Bitcoin without being tracked. This method involves using a third party which guarantees you anonymity and security when you buy coins from them.

On the one hand, it’s easy to argue that providing your address and transaction details to a third party isn’t safe. On the other hand, you can always maintain privacy by clearing your information from the exchange when your transaction is complete.  

Some of the well-known exchanges include Bittrex and Kraken.   


Using a Bitcoin Wallet


Bitcoin wallets are widely known for storing and securing Bitcoin wallets. In truth, when you think of buying Bitcoin, you need an address to store it in. This address should ideally come with private keys which prevents hackers from stealing your coins.

Now, the different types of wallets range from hardware wallet, software wallet, web wallet, and cloud-based wallets. Each of these Bitcoin wallets has its pros and cons; nonetheless, you should choose a wallet that is easily accessible, easy to use, secure, and capable of storing data.

We normally recommend Bitcoin wallets with private keys stored outside them.


Mixing Your Coin with Tumbling Services


When using Bitcoin, you should go a step higher in protecting your tracks. And this is what tumbling services are all about. Think about playing cards and shuffling them. The cards which the players get are all unpredictable.

We can apply this same trick to Bitcoin. When you mix your coins using tumbling services such as Bitcoin Mixer, no one on the blockchain can tell that the coins came from you. They only know that the coins were transferred to them.

That’s how Bitcoin Tumbler works. Your coins get mixed with other coins so that no one can trace you or put an eye on your address. Such anonymity also comes from breaking links through changing addresses.

In essence, this paid service, also known as Bitcoin tumbling, is being widely accepted as a reliable alternative to other anonymity options. Thus, you should check out .


Wrapping Up


In brief, we’ve discussed three ways to guarantee your anonymity when buying and selling Bitcoin. Using a Bitcoin wallet is great. Using exchanges is impressive. But nothing is more secure than mixing your coins.

And when you choose a tumbling service such as Bitcoin Tumbler that keeps no log, your transactions are as good as invisible.