Bitcoin Mixing Services vs. Anonymous Cryptocurrencies

bitcoin mixer

The debate about choosing anonymous cryptocurrencies over Bitcoin mixing services is a major one. Know why? Many people believe anonymous cryptocurrencies are private and cannot be intercepted by hackers or criminals.

However, Bitcoin mixing has been proven to provide the highest level of anonymity and security. The increasing popularity of Bitcoin makes mixing services the better alternative when trying to cut down on transaction fees and make anonymous transactions.

In reality, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the crypto space. Hence, we recommend Bitcoin Mixer for all your Bitcoin tumbling transactions. Not only is Bitcoin Mixer easy to use, fast, and reliable, it also guarantees you a no-log system and no retention of personal data. Equally, it runs on automation, thereby strengthening the algorithm.

Let’s break down the big terms so you’ll understand why you should mix your Bitcoins instead of considering Dash or Monero.


What are Bitcoin Mixing Services?


Bitcoin mixing services generally prioritize your anonymity. They enable you to keep your digital assets anonymous while hiding your identity when making transactions. Some services receive your coins in their pool and mix them with the coins of other users.

Whenever you need coins, tumbling services send them to you using wallets which you aren’t familiar with. Such procedures are aimed at breaking any link which may be traced to you. As a result, all you transactions on the blockchain cannot be seen by the public. You gain anonymity so that you can enjoy privacy and security simultaneously.

When selecting a mixing service, find out the following:

  • Is it Tor-friendly?

  • Is it SSL secured?

  • Does it require your personal information?

  • Is your order history permanently and automated deleted?

  • Does it have a flexible delay structure?

  • Are the service fees affordable?

So far, Bitcoin Mixer remains a leading Bitcoin tumbling service.  All transactions are within 2-5% and they are based on your custom time delay setting. This service is also resistant to all forms of blockchain analysis which are organized by individuals or companies to get user information.

In addition, you get assistance when dealing with incomplete transaction to ensure that your online transactions reach their intended destination.

Again, Bitcoin Mixer is automated; hence, all data inputted are automatically destroyed without human help and immediately. No personal information such as ID or email or requested. In the long run, you can be sure that your income is safe and your personal data are not within the read of fraudsters.

The best part – it runs an affiliate program which gives between 50% and 60% commission instantly when you refer this service.


What are Anonymous Cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrencies which are established to solve the privacy problem are referred to as anonymous cryptocurrencies. The transactions are more private as new addresses are created for every transaction.

Some of these include:

  • Monero (XMR)

  • Komodo (KMD)

  • Verge (XVG)

  • Dash

  • Zcash (ZEC)

  • Zencash (ZEN)

Two downsides with many of these cryptos are the delay in transaction time and large RAM size. Such demerits aren’t found with mixing services and you never have to panic about the success of your transactions.


Wrapping Up


In all, many anonymous cryptocurrencies are joining these ones. Nonetheless, the big fear remains – are they legitimate? Do you want to gamble your assets when you really cannot see how the systems operate?

Sometimes, you may have to deal with incomplete privacy, low supplies, complexity of exchange and inherent security. What choice will you rather make?