Adobe Bitcoin Mixer - keep your privacy and mix your funds with us

This tool enables you to mix your bitcoin to anonymize your funds
and break any links between your original funds and the mixed funds.


Step 1.

Where do you want your bitcoin sent? Fill in from 1 to 5 bitcoin addresses.

Address 1: *Required
Address 2: (optional)
Address 3: (optional)
Address 4: (optional)
Address 5: (optional)

How soon do you need your coins?
Fast! (within about an hour)
I'm not in a rush. Delay my payment by a few hours.

The delayed payment option makes it harder for people to match your input and output payments.

Check your mix status
Comission: random 1-2% and miner fee
Minimum amount to be mixed: 0.001 btc
Maximum amount to be mixed: 8 btc